Private tourist clinic - private doctor of general medical practice Lovrić Medical - Poreč

Laboratory diagnostic | Lovric Medical | Poreč | Istria

Laboratory diagnostic

Determination of inflammatory parameters in just a few minutes

ECG - electrocardiogram | Lovric Medical | Poreč | Istria

ECG - electrocardiogram

Modern device with expert reading of findings and results

Home medical visit - Doctor to call | Lovric Medical | Poreč | Istria

Homemedical visit

We offer a home medical visit to any location in the city of Poreč

Private tourist clinic of general medical practice Lovrić Medical acts as a health institution to provide a complete health service, from prevention and diagnosis, to requierd treatment.

Arriving at our institution, you perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in our ambulatory, in one day and in one place in a safe and reliable environment, without crowds and waiting.

Our medical service stands out primarily for its quality, and personalized and professional approach to each single patient.

With many years of experience and continuous medical training, with the acquisition of new skills and competencies, we provide quality professional integrated health service.

Tourist clinic of general medical practice

With us, you and your needs and health  as a patient always come first.

Contact us for the following conditions :

Urgent conditions such as: bleeding, severe injuries and fractures, chest pain, removal of foreign elements, high and low blood pressure, difficulty breathing (COPD, Asthma), poisoning, vomiting or coughing up blood, neurological seizures, and other life threatening conditions

Non-Emergency Conditions such as: Fever, Urinary Disorders, Abdominal Pain, Diarrhea, Colds, Rash, Cough, Sore Throat, Itching and Ear Pain, Allergic Reactions, Insect Bites or Stings, Removal of Ticks and Hedgehogs, Cuts, Excessive sun Exposure and dehydration...

Home medical visit (Doctor on call) - We offer a home medical visit to any location in the city of Poreč and its surroundings.

We also offer transportation to the hospital in case of need,  and kids medical care.

“The doctor heals, nature heals” – Aristotel

Private tourist clinic of general medical practice  | Lovrić Medical | Poreč | Istria  

Location in the tourist zone in Porec (Hotel Diamant)

Traffic service, walk-in accepted

Access for the disabled is provided

Professional and individual approach We speak also English

First and control examinations


Issuing recipes


Application of im, iv and sc therapy

Reposition with immobilization

Sound pipe lavage

Removal of foreign elements from the eye, ear, nose, skin, soft tissues

Blood pressure measurement

Intravenous infusions

Rapid neurological examination

Bladder catheterization

Incision of purulent processes

Taking care of minor and major injuries

Oxygen therapy

Stopping nosebleeds

Treatment of any kind of burns

Surveillance of a vitally endangered patient and organization of emergency medical transport

The tourist medical clinic of general medicine, by  doctor Lovrić Milana, operates in Poreč-Porec  within the Hotel Diamant, as a private medical clinic (medical ambulatory).

Among all other medical services, it also provides emergency medical services, for all types of medical emergencies and treatments.

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